The Law of Hope
    • Dream big dreams .. big dreams only !! They are moving the mind and soul
Law of Cause and Effect
    • Everything happens as a result of some reason and for every reason, and for every effect whether it is done or not. For certain reasons, there is no coincidence that you can have anything in life if you can first determine what is accurate, Then do what others do to achieve the same result.
Parity Act
    • Your external life is a reflection of what you have. There is a direct correlation between the way you think and feel internally and how you behave and experience externally
The Law of Belief
    • Everything you believe in honestly becomes your reality. You do not believe what you see but you see what you have already chosen. You must identify your negative beliefs and then get rid of them.
Optimism Act
    • Positive attitude is the basis for success and happiness in all areas of life. Your attitude is to express your values, beliefs and beliefs
Control Code
    • You feel as positive about yourself as you do in your life. Health, happiness, and outstanding performance all begin with full control of your thinking, actions and circumstances in the world around you.
Motivation Law
    • All that you say or do stems from your inner desire and your motives and instincts, consciously or unconsciously
Liability Law
    • You are in your place and your reality because of you. You are fully responsible for everything you own, anything you own and anything you become
Expectations Act
    • Whatever you expect with confidence tends to be achieved in the world around you, you always act in a way that suits your expectations and expectations affect the attitudes and behaviors of the people around you
code of conduct
    • At least 95% of what you do is the result of your habits, whether beneficial or harmful. You can develop success habits by practicing and repeating successful behaviors until they become spontaneous.
Law of Attraction
    • You are always drawn in your life to the people, ideas and circumstances that fit your dominant thoughts whether positive or negative You can be, own and do more because you can change your dominant thoughts on you
Selection Act
    • Your life is the end result of all your choices until this moment where you are always free in what you think you are completely in control of your life and everything that happens to you
Decision Making Act
    • For successful people the essential trait is to discount every great leap forward in your life come after making a crucial decision in something
Visualization Law
    • The world around you is an external image of the world inside you. The images you look at affect your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Everything you imagine clearly and passionately will be achieved in your world in the end.
Realistic law
    • People do not change deal with them as they are and do not try to change or expect them to change (Matra is what you will get) unconditional acceptance of others is the key to happy relationships
Relationships Act
    • The more people you know, the more positive you will be. People will give you ideas and open doors if you are loved
Code of Accumulation
    • The great life is the accumulation of thousands of efforts and sacrifices that others do not see (this highness, which was maintained by the great men, was not achieved by sudden jump, but they work hard at night while their horns sleep) * Henry Wadsworth Longfellow *
Law of Excellence
    Success and happiness are only possible when you are already distinguished in the performance of what you enjoy (your life value will be determined by your commitment to discrimination more than any other factor) * Vince Lombardi


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